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Business Brokers

Navigating Business Transitions: Pointe’s Business Brokerage Services. Paving the Path to Success: Partnering for Business Sale.

Under the banner of Pointe Brokerage Services and based in Chattanooga, TN, Pointe Brokerage Services is a reliable partner that provides business owners with expert guidance to navigate the complex business selling process. With a comprehensive understanding of various industries and market dynamics, their team of professionals assists owners in successfully transitioning their businesses to new owners. From business valuation and identifying qualified buyers to negotiating terms and facilitating a seamless transfer, Pointe’s business brokerage services offer a tailored approach that supports the specific needs of business owners.

PCRE’s commitment to assisting business owners as business brokers transcends traditional brokerage services. They cultivate enduring partnerships by offering ongoing support throughout the business sale journey. With their finger on the pulse of shifting market trends, they provide proactive guidance on pricing strategies, confidentiality measures, negotiation tactics, and market positioning. Through their personalized approach, PCRE ensures business owners receive the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of selling a business and achieve a successful transition. With Pointe Brokerage Services as their trusted advisor, business owners can confidently navigate the intricate landscape of business sales while optimizing their returns.


  • Expert Business Sales Insights
  • Accurate Business Valuations
  • Targeted Buyer Connections
  • Pricing Strategy Guidance
  • Real Estate Negotiation Expertise
  • Ongoing Support for Successful Transactions